MORE What if you had UNLIMITED resources to market your book? With Lizann Flatt

A couple of days ago, as part of Darcy Pattison’s Random Acts of Publicity, I asked a few authors a “what if” question.


WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO CONNECT WITH YOUR READERS? THINK BIG! THINK REALLY, REALLY BIG! For example…what about having a book launch at Disney World?

From Lizann Flatt, author of Counting on Fall (September 2012, OwlKids Books)

What would I do with unlimited dollars to launch Counting on Fall? I think I’d find classrooms of kids who have never experienced fall as I know it here in Muskoka, Ontario with its vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves, cool temperatures, crisp blue skies, and morning mist over the water. I’d get them here by bus, plane, or train because these classes could be located anywhere in North America–or even the world!!” . Maybe these kids live in a city. Maybe they live where their fall season is not so distinct or colorful.

Once the kids were here we’d go on a guided tour of Algonquin Park so the park interpreters could tell us all about the animals and plants and history of the park. I think maybe we should even camp in the park for a few days! Our experience would include a canoe trip and we’d take a hike so we could see the amazing scenery and hopefully spot some animals. I’d give every kid a camera so they could photograph their adventure and the fall things they want to remember. We’d feast on fall foods, and I would thank each child for coming with a gift of a copy of the book.


Even though these answers express wishful thinking (unless there is a wildly wealthy benefactor out there), it is clear that all these authors want to offer memorable experiences to their readers. And that is the joy of reading a book about a different time and place.

What’s your dream?


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